Collaborative Art Projects

Members of the Rhizome community participated in the creation of collaborative art projects on several occasions. The Rhizome t-shirt design was the product of over 30 design idea submissions, which were then integrated into a single image by Afuwa Granger. Sam Bradd created a live illustration that captured the many meanings of Rhizome that had been contributed by over 50 people. And Rhizome staff members Evelyn Edwards and Kate Biggar produced a 'zine with contributions from staff and Rhizome regulars alike.

“Rhizome Meanings and Memories” live illustration by Sam Bradd
Sam Bradd Illustration

Submissions to “Rhizome Meanings and Memories”

“Build Your Own Rhizome Cafe” by Carlo Sayo
Rhizome Paper Toy

Rhizome t-shirt design by Afuwa Granger

Responses to one of Rhizome’s monthly collaborative art assignments: “What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Seen Today?”

Selected pages of the Rhizome ‘zine